Tierra Brava: Mud War, Team Games, and Elimination Drama – Channel 13 Reality Show November 13, 2023

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Tierra Brava November 13, 2023

This Sunday “Tierra Brava” had a new test of salvation, where one of the three participants nominated to be eliminated this week had the opportunity to stay in the Channel 13 reality show.

Mud war between Fabio and Pamela

First, in an activity where the participants had to cover the oven with mud and sawdust to better insulate the heat, Fabio took the opportunity to continue playing with Pamela. In this case, seeing that she was complaining that she was going to get very dirty, he put her hands covered in mud on top of her.

“The only thing I’m telling you is that later this is without complaining, it’s without crying,” Pamela warned him. A while later, when he was unfocused, she threw a bucket of muddy water at him, and a mud fight began that left everyone soaked, including the foreman, and led to a sawdust war.

After that, everyone hosed themselves down to get the mud out, with Fabio holding Pamela to hold her back so she wouldn’t run away from the water.

Later, speaking intimately with Fabio, he asked Pamela who from the reality show she could be friends with outside. “With Botota and Longton we are friends from outside, we know each other better. With Jhonatan we could be great friends. And with Chama, I think that speaking without cameras she could be a nice person, but I don’t have any vibe with her,” said “La Fiera.”

Revealing bravo games

Matías Vega presented a new team game session, which included, among other dynamics, one where they had to look for a list of different items around the house. While they were at it, some participants checked Luis’s trunk and found in it a basket of eggs that the captain of the red team stole secretly.

“I saw about 9 eggs. “It’s like flaite,” Nicole said. “They just think about them,” Shirley replied.

Although initially Luis laughed it off when they told him that they got into his things, then he got angry. “Let them come and read me for my balls. “They are mine and what is the problem,” he claimed.

They also did the traditional trivia, where Max surprised everyone by knowing the name of the botulinum toxin that makes up botox. The green team won a prize consisting of a table full of sweets and cakes, which they still chose to share with their teammates on the red team.

A sexy dance for Guarén

While Fabio walked around in his underwear and Guarén, who was sick, was in bed, he showed that both she and Dani always look at him when he walks around with little clothing. “Every time I walk he looks at my ass. It’s inevitable, baby,” the Spaniard told her, and he brought the convalescent Guarén closer to do a sensual dance.

“Enjoy it, it’s your fever dance,” Dani told her friend. “Get that man out of here!” Guarén laughed, nervously.

Nicole: “We had a butler in my house”

Talking with Max, Nicole Block revealed part of what her married life was like. “I’m not good at cleaning, I don’t mop or anything, I don’t know how to do anything. I don’t know how to iron, I tried it once and it became more wrinkled (…) We had a lady who did the cleaning and Mr. Peter, who was my butler.”

Asked by Max about whether they were royalty to have a butler, the actress said no, but that her ex-husband “thought himself of being a prince.” “He was not willing to stand in line at the bank, get in there, so Mr. Peter would go, he would stand in line and when there were two numbers left he would call him on the phone and he would come. I liked Don Peter, I went shopping with him. I shared more with Don Peter than with my ex-husband,” she confessed.

“The h… surreal,” Max exclaimed in surprise.

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Junior is saved from elimination

Already at the time of the salvation competition, Junior, Shirley and Camila faced each other in a test of balance, agility, strength and aim to choose which of them will not have to go through the dreaded elimination duel next week.

Before starting, Junior told Karla Constant that yesterday “I got out of hand, I lost a little control, I felt attacked by people from my own team, it was a whole arsenal against Junior. But I didn’t come to make friends, I came to win this reality show.”

Camila, for her part, assured that “today I feel 1000%, and I am inspired by my parents and my dog ​​at the time of the competition”, and Shirley that “there are many people worried about me and I like that, they are attentive “If I sleep, if I eat, if I bathe, but I have a lot of faith in myself.”

After completing the test, Junior had the best time of the three, and Camila had the worst. With this, Junior was saved from the elimination duel of the week, and Camila must dispute with Shirley which of the two should leave the hacienda house.

“I have good aim, and I have my little ones who are outside, daddy has to give everything because it is because of them,” said Junior after his victory.

With this, this week’s elimination duel will pit Shirley Arica and Camila Arismendi, one of whom will have to leave “Tierra Brava”.

Shirley feels like she has a vibe with Luis

Because she is at risk of leaving the house, Shirley told Luis, accompanied by Camila, what she will do if she is eliminated from the reality show. “At some point I will meet you again and tell you ‘Thank you Mateucci for nominating me three times in a row,’” she said, making the Argentine laugh.

When he left, he told Camila that he finds Luis intriguing. “I don’t know why I hate this man but he makes me laugh. “He talks every hour,” he said. “You want him. Both,” Camila answered. “You think? “Me too,” replied the Peruvian. Afterwards, she continued flirting with Luis, who admitted “You have me confused.”

After a while, Max showed up to see how Shirley was doing. “Ah, you just asked,” the Peruvian told her, showing the distance that has existed between the two.

Longton: “Shirley is a bomb”

Talking with Uriel in the patio, Arturo assured the Dominican that he believes Max has no chance with Shirley. “Max looks for her, but she doesn’t look for him. I think she is not used to it, she does what she wants,” said the former “La Granja.”

“But why are we talking about h…, that she is rich, she is rich, that is indisputable. It’s a bomb. Daniela, for example, is pretty, she is beautiful, blonde, pretty. But this h… is rich,” Longton said about the Peruvian.

“Tierra Brava… you reap what you sow”, Sunday to Thursday from 10:10 p.m. on Channel 13 screens.

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