Time Zone Converter: Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific Time Zones in the US

2024-02-03 20:39:26
ET: 3:30 pm.West Virginia, Velmont, Tennessee (EST), South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Michigan (EST), Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Kentucky (EST), Indiana (EST), Georgia, Florida (EST), District of Columbia, Delaware and Connecticut.CT: 2:30 pm.Wisconsin, Texas (Most states), Tennessee (CST), Dakota del South (CST), Oklahoma, North Dakota (CST), Nebraska (CST), Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan (CST), Kentucky (CST), Kansas (CST), Iowa, Indiana (CST), Illinois, Florida (CST), Arkansas and Alabama.MT: 1:30 pm.Wyoming, Utah, Texas (El Paso and Hudspeth), South Dakota (MST), Oregon (MST), North Dakota (MST), New Mexico, Nevada (MST), Nebraska (MST), Montana, Kansas (MST), Idaho (MST), Colorado and Arizona.PT: 12:30 pm.Washington, Oregon (PST), New Hampshire, Nevada (PST), Idaho (PST). ) and California.
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