Too Good To Go: Combating Food Waste and Saving the Planet

2023-08-03 12:21:00

Since Wednesday, the planet has been living on credit. Overshoot day has been reached and from this date, humanity has consumed all the natural resources that the earth is capable of producing in one year. To try to push back this date, solutions exist, also in the region. The Too Good To Go app is an example that has many followers in Biel and the Bernese Jura. She makes food waste her battle horse. This is a Danish application, which was established in Switzerland in 2018, and which has already saved 6 million meals since then. Its operation is simple. It connects users and merchants. The latter can offer their unsold items in the form of surprise baskets at discounted prices, i.e. a third of the initial price. Jean-François Leuenberger, the boss of Chez Jean-Pierre bakeries in the valley of St-Imier, is a fan of this application. He registered his businesses a little over three years ago on Too Good To Go. “I always had a stomach ache from having to throw away unsold items,” he explains. If he registered his businesses on the platform, it is to combat this waste: “It is not tolerable to know that a quarter of the bread bought in Switzerland does not end up in the stomachs of consumers”.

The baker from the valley of St-Imier explains that he does this mainly out of ideology. Even if the final calculation is beneficial – because eliminating the unsold is profitable – it is not profitable, he specifies. “The time invested in preparing the baskets and the VAT tax do not allow us to make a living from it. But still, it’s better than nothing.”

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Thus, for Chez Jean-Pierre bakeries, more than 150 unsold baskets are saved per month. Jean-François Leuenberger is convinced that this application is a good idea and encourages its use. “I think it’s a good idea for everyone. Together we are stronger,” he said. The baker adds that it is with approaches and reflections like those made by Too Good To Go that we can raise awareness and do something to save the planet.

It should also be noted that Too Good To Go has saved more than 6 million surprise baskets since 2018 in Switzerland, which has avoided the waste of 14,750 tonnes of CO2. The platform has 5,700 partner companies and nearly 2 million downloads on Swiss soil. /tbu

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