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Below is a list of the most prominent weekly newspaper headlines:

Play.. The shock of numbers prompts the Prime Minister to seek the help of “McKinsey” (TelQuel)

A source from the Prime Minister’s Office revealed to the weekly, in response to the employment issue, that “Aziz Akhannouch was shocked by the numbers presented to him.” At the beginning of February, figures issued by the High Commission for Planning regarding the situation of the labor market “dissatisfied” the Prime Minister. The same data revealed that the national economy witnessed, during the year 2023, a net loss of 157,000 jobs. At a time when the unemployment rate is dangerously close to 15 percent, Akhannouch has intensified his meetings to manage the crisis. In this regard, Akhannouch turned to the consulting firm “McKinsey” to find solutions and crystallize the royal vision for employment. A source from within the Moroccan branch of the company’s management, contacted by the weekly, refused to confirm or deny this news. The same applies to the Prime Minister.

Manufacture of medicines from Indian hemp..Laboratories pass to maximum speed (Tel Kill)

Chronic pain, psychological stress, epilepsy… Pharmaceutical laboratories are embarking on a feverish race to develop medicines made from cannabis. While the series of research and clinical trials requires several months or even years of development, the various manufacturers questioned hope to submit the first patent applications by the end of this year, and are betting on commercialization starting next year. Lamia Al-Tazi, President and General Manager of the Pharmaceutical Industries Company (Sutema), confirmed that her company is “in continuous development,” highlighting that “it is a long process that must be followed to ensure the effectiveness and quality of medicines.” In turn, the director of the “Pharma 5” laboratory, Mia Lahlou Filali, announced her intention to disclose the progress achieved by the group at the end of this year, stressing the “confidentiality of current research,” as all manufacturers embarked on a frantic race to position themselves in this promising market. In the Laprovan pharmaceutical laboratories, research is progressing at a very advanced pace.

The problem of dual transportation in rural areas (Finance News Hebdo)

The Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdel Jalil, confirmed that the dual mode of transportation today no longer constitutes the most appropriate solution for transportation in rural areas. In answering a question about traffic accidents caused by dual transport, Abdel Jalil said during a press interview following the weekly meeting of the Government Council, “The dual transport mode that was adopted for the first time in 1982, to solve a number of mobility problems during that period, did not… Today, it is considered the most suitable solution for transportation in rural areas.” Regarding traffic accidents caused by dual transport, the Minister said that a number of accidents attributed to dual transport are in fact caused by vehicles not licensed to operate public transport. After calling for tightening control over this “random transportation,” the minister stressed the importance of resolving problems related to public transportation, especially at the level of rural areas, highlighting the importance of restructuring training.

The next census will confirm the growing phenomenon of demographic transition (Finance News Hebdo)

In the next few months, Morocco is preparing to launch the general population and housing census, the seventh operation of its kind in the history of the Kingdom. Unlike previous operations, this year’s operation is characterized by adopting a new method for collecting, exploiting and disseminating statistical information obtained from families. New technologies will be relied upon extensively, in order to achieve greater efficiency and speed in processing information. Mohamed El Omrani, professor of economics at Hassan II University in Casablanca, explained that “the upcoming census will give an idea about the development of the population and the existing interactions with development.” He continued that the 2024 General Population and Housing Census will confirm the acceleration of the demographic transition that Morocco has been experiencing for years, highlighting that this transition is characterized by the development of urbanization, an increase in life expectancy and a decrease in fertility.

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The Casablanca-Settat region aspires to develop its rural tourism (La Nouvelle Tribune)

The Casablanca-Settat Regional Tourism Council announced the organization of the “Rural Tourism Challenge – Casablanca-Settat” on April 25 in Casablanca. This competition between schools (public and private universities) is a unique initiative, which aims, thanks to the participation of higher education students, to revolutionize the perception and value of rural tourism in the region. According to a statement to the Council, the provinces involved in the competition are Casablanca and Mohammedia, adding that the matter also concerns the provinces of El Jadida, Nouaceur, Mediouna, Benslimane, Berrechid, Settat and Sidi Bennour. For the Regional Tourism Council, rural tourism in the Casablanca-Settat region represents a thriving sector with enormous development potential, but it faces challenges related to vision, accessibility and sustainability.

Marine fishing.. Morocco is open to partnerships that take into account common interests (La Nouvelle Tribune)

Mohamed Seddiqi, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests, of the House of Councilors, affirmed that the Kingdom of Morocco “is always open to diverse partnerships that take into account the common interests of all parties, respect each other’s full sovereignty, and aspire to achieve mutual understanding.” In his response, during the oral question session, to a question about “developments in the marine fishing agreement with the European Union,” the Minister said that these partnerships are also based on “taking into account the sustainable management of marine resources in Moroccan waters, protecting the national maritime economy, and respecting the Kingdom’s sovereignty over all its waters and its exclusive economic zone.” The government official highlighted that the marine fishing agreement between the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Union has been in effect as an agreement for 30 years and is being implemented today through a series of bilateral agreements and executive protocols.

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