Tour de France: Hugo Houle’s parents moved

DRUMMONDVILLE | It’s not just Hugo Houle who had the moment of a lifetime. His two most ardent supporters, his father, Yvon Houle, and his mother, Diane Allard, also experienced in their own way a mad race and strong emotions when the prodigal son crossed the finish line winning the Tour de France. .

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The height of happiness for both parents came, of course, when Hugo Houle crossed the finish line to win the 16e stage of the most prestigious race there is. This small day which promised to be very quiet quickly took a spectacular turn.

While Diane Allard was busy at work in Drummondville, Yvon Houle was on a construction site in Saint-Nicéphore. They were far from imagining the continuation.

“I mightn’t follow the race. A friend kept me informed and I looked when there were regarding 35 km to go and I saw that Hugo was in the lead. I thought it would help [Michael] Woods and that he was going to settle down, but no! “said the fulfilled mother, met at the end of her still upset working day.

“I immediately called Yvon, telling him that he had to come to the store to join me to see the end. At first he told me he mightn’t and my eyes were watered. Fortunately, he managed to come and join me. There is no longer anyone in the place who was working! “.

The couple got together with regarding twenty kilometers to go, then it became increasingly clear that son was going to achieve the unthinkable by becoming the hero of the moment in Quebec.

“I just wanted the bike to hold up and not fall,” smiled the father.

For her part, his wife believes that it will still take a while before fully grasping the magnitude of the feat.

“We will probably realize over time. What I tell myself is that what has just happened with Hugo will help the development of cycling. The opportunities will become more numerous, ”she noted while her phone continued to vibrate at will.

For Pierrick

On several occasions during the generous interview granted by the parents of Hugo Houle, the eyes reddened and then bathed in water.

A very touching scene, knowing that almost 10 years ago, they lost their other son, Pierrik, hit by a driver during a running outing.

This cruel twist of fate obviously came to mind when Hugo Houle dedicated his victory to his brother, in a striking moment.

“All this stirs up a lot of emotions today. It brings back memories of Pierrik, but it warms the heart to see how Hugo paid tribute to him, “said the mother of the family.

By removing his glasses to wipe his eyes, Yvon Houle, for his part, praised the strength of character of his son.

“Hugo has made his way. What he did, I would never have done, ”he praised, his voice strangled.

Can’t wait to see him once more

The two parents, who moved from Sainte-Perpétue two years ago, were able to chat with their son for just a few minutes.

“When he comes home this fall, everyone is going to want to be around him. We hope to have a little time for us, ”they said. A very simple wish, that life owes them well.

She also at work in Monaco, her spouse was celebrating away from her man. “He has wanted to win for 10 years. It’s crazy ! It mightn’t be more beautiful. I can’t wait to talk to him,” said Stéphanie Matteau.

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