towards an amnesty for opponents Karim Wade and Khalifa Sall?

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The first council of ministers of the new government was held on Wednesday 29 September. An announcement of the final press release in the evening did not go unnoticed, and is already generating many comments. President Macky Sall calls on the Keeper of the Seals to take amnesty measures which could put two opposition leaders back on track, sidelined from the political game after legal proceedings.

With our correspondent in Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

No names are mentioned in the press release from the council of ministers, but all eyes are on Karim Wade and Khalifa Sall. ” Addressing the consolidation of national dialogue and political openness “, President Macky Sall asks the Minister of Justice – ” to examine as soon as possible the possibilities and the appropriate amnesty scheme for people who have lost their voting rights ».

Divide and rule ?

Karim Wade, son of former President Abdoulaye Wade, convicted of illicit enrichment in 2015, has been in exile in Qatar since 2016. Khalifa Sall, former mayor of Dakar, sentenced in 2018 for fraud on public funds, was pardoned in September 2020, but remains disenfranchised.

These opponents joined forces during the legislative elections, within the inter-coalition Yewwi Askan Wi – Help Senegal. If the process initiated by the Head of State comes to an end, this could reshuffle the cards of the political game, 17 months before the presidential election, by unraveling alliances. Thus in the event of a third candidacy of the Head of State, the presidential election would not be limited to a duel between Macky Sall and his main opponent Ousmane Sonko

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