Tragic Accident: 6-Year-Old Twin Sister Falls into Coma and Dies – Seeking Responsibility and Justice

2023-11-01 22:36:08

After the twin sisters pushed each other, the older sister fell backwards, fell into coma, and died of brain death. (Picture/Video screenshot)

A pair of 6-year-old twin sisters in Zijin County, Guangdong Province, got into a fight a few months ago under the intimidation of other children. As a result, the older sister accidentally fell backwards while pushing her younger sister, and hit her head on the ground, causing her to die of brain death. The parents believed that their daughter They were instigated and forced to ask the parents of other children to take responsibility. However, the police believed that the incident was an accident and did not file a case. The town government responded on the 31st and stated that it was mediating and mediating the incident.

According to comprehensive media reports, the accident occurred at 1:25 pm on September 9. The 6-year-old twin sisters were playing with their neighbors’ 11-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy in the fitness equipment area on the side of the village basketball court. The girl’s mother said that the neighbor’s children first instigated the twin girls to quarrel, and then encouraged them to fight, and also asked the two sisters to beat and kick according to their actions. During this period, the two sisters fell and hit their heads on the ground. The sister then fainted and fell to the ground. After being sent to the hospital for rescue, she was unable to save her life. She was diagnosed with brain death at around 9 o’clock that night. According to the Zijin County Public Security Bureau’s notification of not filing the case published by the girl’s mother, the Public Security Bureau reviewed and determined that there were no criminal facts and decided not to file the case.

The girl’s mother believes that the fight was caused by the instigation and coercion of the neighbor’s children. The other parent should be held responsible. She was dissatisfied with the other party’s bad attitude. It has been nearly two months since the incident and there has been no apology. The police believe that the girl fell and hit her head and died. Unexpectedly, the relevant units have educated the two heckled children present and found that they did not instigate bullying. Therefore, if the family of the deceased wants to claim compensation, it will be a civil dispute between the two parties.

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Staff from the Comprehensive Management Office of the town government said that they are currently mediating to appease the family members and are contacting family members of both parties for mediation. Town government personnel have visited the brain-dead child in the hospital. The Suqu Town Police Station stated that if the girl’s mother does not accept the case and the case is not filed, she can apply for a review to the Zijin County People’s Government or the Heyuan City Public Security Bureau.

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