Tragic Death of Two-Year-Old British Girl: Ruptured Appendix Goes Undetected by Doctors

2023-11-06 18:14:00

A two-year-old British girl has died following a ruptured appendix following doctors apparently failed to detect the symptoms before letting her board a flight home.

Isla Sutcliffe, a little English girl, suddenly fell ill during the last days of vacation in Turkey with her parents Laura Carolan, Ryan Sutcliffe and her sister Karis.

She was first treated by a hotel doctor, who quickly concluded that she had angina, although Isla’s pain was coming from her stomach and not her throat.

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Isla’s condition then worsened over the next 24 hours. Seeing no improvement, her parents took her to the hospital the day she was due to fly. There they were received by the same doctor who had seen her at the hotel. This doctor then repeated his diagnosis, prescribed Nurofen and told the couple that Isla was fit to go home that evening.

But once the family arrived at the airport, Isla’s condition deteriorated further and she had to be rushed back to hospital by ambulance.

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Taylor Kearns, a family friend, told our English colleagues at Sun that “Isla’s condition seriously deteriorated, so much so that an ambulance had to take her to the hospital from the airport, where it was learned that she was suffering from appendicitis and ‘sepsis. »

Unfortunately, it was too late for the little girl who died tragically.

This tragedy caused turmoil in England, a jackpot was launched online to support the family.

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