Tragic Grizzly Bear Attack Claims Lives of Couple and Pet Dog in Banff National Park, Alberta

2023-10-02 04:32:00

(, Toronto, 1st) Parks Canada officials and friends of the victims pointed out that a grizzly bear attack in Banff National Park, Alberta, killed a couple and their pet dog.

Parks Canada stated in a statement last night that it received an alert from a Global Positioning System (GPS) device on the evening of the 29th, indicating that the Red Deer Valley (Red Deer Valley) west of Ya Ha Tinda Ranch (Ya Ha Tinda Ranch) in Banff National Park Bear attack in Red Deer River Valley.

Parks Canada said the bear was euthanized due to aggressive behavior.

Kim Titchener, founder of the animal protection organization Bear Safety and More, who was a friend of the deceased, said that the two deceased were a couple, and their pet dog that was with them at the time also died. Such incidents are increasing as more people head outdoors, but fatal attacks are extremely rare.

Bears are only seen more frequently during the fall as they more actively search for food before hibernating during the cold winter months.

Banff National Park, home to grizzly bears and black bears, attracts more than 4 million visitors every year.

Parks Canada did not immediately respond to a reporter’s inquiry about the identity of the deceased. Zhengyangshe (translation)

Grizzly bear attack in Canadian national park kills 2 people and 1 dog

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