Tragic Hiking Accident in Hergenrath: Critical Injuries Reported in Forest Fall

2023-10-16 09:55:29

This Sunday, October 15, 2023, an outdoor hike, which should have been a peaceful day surrounded by nature, took a tragic turn when one of the hikers had a serious fall in a forest in Hergenrath, in the municipality of La Calamine.

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The services of the Vesdre-Gueule police zone received an emergency call at 12:25 p.m., alerting them to the accident on Emmaburgerweg in Hergenrath. At the scene, rescuers discovered a seriously injured woman, the victim of her accidental fall down a slope.

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The injured hiker was stabilized on site before being rushed to Aachen hospital, located near the Belgian-German border. According to information provided by the emergency services, the woman’s state of health is critical.

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