Tragic Incident: Man Kills Partner and Child, Commits Suicide in Leuven – Investigation Underway

2023-07-18 15:30:00

Hengchun, the man who apparently killed his partner Yu and one of his children on Monday in Leuven, was found dead near Bokrijk. The investigation by the Limburg prosecutor’s office showed that the suspect committed suicide, said the Leuven prosecutor’s office on Tuesday morning.

“Monday afternoon, at 4:28 p.m., a man called the emergency number 112 to report that his employer had threatened to attack his wife and children,” continues the Leuven prosecution. “Soon after, the same man called the emergency number again, this time to report that his employer had texted him saying he had killed his wife and children and was threatening to terminate in his days. »

The local police of Leuven then went to the Oude Markt where the suspect, aged 44, had recently run a restaurant. “On the spot, the agents found the lifeless bodies of the operator’s wife, aged 37, and a 5-year-old child. An injured seven-month-old baby was taken to hospital for medical treatment, but his life is not in danger. »

The federal police laboratory descended on the scene, accompanied by a forensic doctor, the local police of Leuven and the federal judicial police. An investigating judge has been appointed for assassination and attempted assassination.

“The initial investigation focused on finding the suspect,” said the prosecution. “This suspect was found near Bokrijk. The investigations carried out by the Limburg public prosecutor’s office revealed that he committed suicide. »

An autopsy of the bodies of the two victims is due to take place today/Tuesday.


According to our colleagues from HLN, Hengchun’s relatives are in shock. They talk about a man who “always seemed nice and calm”.

Nevertheless, they indicate that there were signs that all was not going very well in the life of the 40-year-old. “After years without news, he suddenly called us. He wanted to borrow money from us, ”we can read from our Flemish colleagues.

Why did he make this request? What happened for Hengchun to kill his wife and child before committing suicide? These are the questions that the investigators will try to answer.

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