Tragic Motocross Accident Claims Life of 15-Year-Old Dylan Elias in Weelde: A Heartbreaking Tale of Love and Loss

2023-10-19 17:40:00

The entire town of Weelde is deeply shocked by the death of 15-year-old Dylan Elias. The teenager tragically lost his life this Wednesday, October 18 in a motocross accident. According to information from HLN, his own father witnessed the accident. “He was a rascal, really, but with a heart of gold,” testify his parents, Ben and Lindsay.

Our colleagues were able to speak at length with the parents of the young victim. They remembered all the good memories they have with their son. “When he was angry, he would quickly write a note of apology. I must have a hundred of them lying around,” explains his mother. “When I was sick, he was the first to bring me a blanket. He was always there for everyone. If his friends needed help, he was always there,” she adds with emotion.

“Basically, we weren’t supposed to go cross-country this Wednesday followingnoon,” confides Ben, his dad. “We didn’t have time, but he kept asking me and I finally gave in,” he admits. “He was overjoyed. On the spot, I made it clear to him that he needed to calm down. And that’s what he did,” Ben explains once more. And then the tragedy happened. “And suddenly I saw what had happened. He was riding quietly, but suddenly fell. I immediately ran towards him. We expected him to have a few scrapes and bruises, but I might tell straight away that it was serious,” adds Ben. “I still tried to give him first aid,” continues the father.

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Lindsay was quickly informed of what had happened and rushed to the scene. “When I got the phone call, everything went through my head. I saw they were trying to resuscitate him. But I’m a nurse myself and somehow I knew they wouldn’t make it. These are images that we will never forget,” says Lindsay. Ben would like to thank Dylan’s friends, who stayed by his side until the end. “For them too, it’s a trauma, but they all stayed there. I think it’s brave of them, because they’re still young,” says Ben.

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