Travel to Northern Japan: Winter Weather Warnings and Tips for Tourists

2023-11-25 09:32:52


Readers who plan to travel to northern Japan in the near future should be aware that heavy snowstorms have begun to occur in Hokkaido, Hokuriku and Tohoku due to the influence of cold air masses, and even more than 30 centimeters of snow fell in a single day in specific areas. The snow and low temperatures may cause Local traffic is chaotic. The latest report from “NHK” pointed out that starting from 8 a.m. on the 25th, Hokkaido Yubari and Aomori Prefecture’s Hakko Mountain “Suyuyu Hot Spring” (Suyuyu Hot Spring) had 35 and 34 centimeters of snow respectively. Coupled with instantaneous wind speeds of more than 20 meters per second, the entire northern Japan is in a cold state.

Reports pointed out that after the strong cold air mass moves south, especially in the Sea of ​​Japan coastal areas of Hokkaido, Hokuriku and Tohoku, there will be heavy snow or blizzard with a snow accumulation of tens of centimeters, and even in certain areas of Hokkaido, it may accumulate more than 40 centimeters thick. . At the same time, in low-temperature weather, the three regions have the opportunity to blow strong winds. According to the meteorological data on the morning of the 25th, the four administrative regions of Niigata, Yamagata, Hokkaido, and Akita all measured strong winds with maximum instantaneous wind speeds exceeding 25 meters.

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The Japan Meteorological Agency predicts that the power of the cold wave will continue to threaten the entire northern Japan tomorrow (26th). The maximum snowfall in Hokkaido is expected to be 50 centimeters, and the remaining northeastern counties will also see 30 centimeters of snowfall. The heavy snow will also be accompanied by strong winds, and the maximum instantaneous wind speed in Hokkaido will increase. Look at 35 meters per second.

Affected by snowfall and strong winds, northern Japan is in a state of low temperature. Subzero temperatures were measured in Sapporo and Asahikawa, Hokkaido. The lowest temperature reached minus 4.9°C in the early morning of the 25th, and the average daytime temperature also fell between 0 and -1 degrees. In Sendai, Aomori, Kanazawa or Nagano in the northeast, the temperature is also below 10℃, but in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya it is 13℃. If you move across places, you must take thermal protection with large temperature differences.

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