TSMC’s March revenue hit the second highest in the first quarter, with 491.076 billion yuan flying over the financial forecast and writing a new high | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

TSMC (2330-TW) announced today (8) that the revenue in March was 171.967 billion yuan, a monthly increase of 17% and an annual increase of 33.2%. The cumulative first-quarter revenue was 491.076 billion yuan, a quarterly increase of 12.1% and an annual increase of 35.5%; The benefits of industrial growth have emerged, coupled with continued strong demand for 5nm,New Taiwan DollarThe depreciation has driven TSMC’s first-quarter revenue to rewrite a record high in one fell swoop.

According to TSMC’s first-quarter financial forecast, the median US dollar revenue increased by about 7.5% quarter-on-quarter, with an exchange rate of 1 US dollarNew Taiwan Dollar Calculated at 27.6 yuan, the revenue in the first quarter is estimated to reach 458.1-474.7 billion yuan, a quarterly increase of 4.5-8.3%.New Taiwan Dollar At the end of March, it has been depreciated to around 28.6 yuan, which has led to the expansion of the revenue scale. The actual result exceeded 490 billion yuan.

With the recent Russian-Ukrainian war affecting energy prices soaring, deepening concerns about global inflation, and the overall rise in the epidemic in Asian countries including China, which further impacted consumer demand, and also increased the uncertainty and noise of the semiconductor industry’s prospects.

Liu Deyin, chairman of TSMC, said that the company’s technology competitiveness is strong, and the outlook for capital expenditure and revenue growth this year remains unchanged. The latest outlook and market views will be released at the legal meeting on April 14.

TSMC said this time that in addition to paying attention to the first quarter financial report, the outside world is also expected to raise seven major issues, including current terminal application needs, advanced and mature process views, 3nm mass production progress, capital expenditure planning, global political and economic impact, Advances in advanced manufacturing processes and advanced packaging technologies, as well as the willingness of customers to sign contracts, are expected to be the focus of Fareo.

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