Turning into a competitor with Li Keqin, Yan Mingxi exploded “Mars Talk”: the left hand is tied to the right hand (20:00) – 20220504 – SHOWBIZ

Yan Mingxi (Gigi) performed brilliantly in the first two episodes of “Sounds Never Ending”, whether it was a solo performance of “Famous” or a duet with Miriam Yeung for “Courage”, all of which were highly praised. Gigi, who is “famous” in the mainland, has a daily increase in the number of Weibo followers, from 60,000 before the show’s launch to 262,000. In order to give back to music fans for their support, Gigi was interviewed by TVB and “Looking Around” and talked about his daily life and touching interactions with his family during this period.

When Gigi was interviewed by TVB host Wang Zhenquan, he shared his life in the mainland with a unique “Mars talk” rhythm. Gigi revealed that he is now practising singing and listening to music every day. He can eat whatever he wants every day, but one week before the performance, he will automatically say bye to the food, and he has the ability to self-control.

Talking about the popularity of “Sound of Life” and the number of Weibo fans continued to rise, Gigi said frankly: “Thank you very much, I will continue to work hard. Li, there really is a ‘shock change’ (scaring) me!” Later, when Gigi talked about changing from the manager to the opponent with Li Keqin, she threw out the “Mars golden sentence”: “The left hand is tied, and the right hand is tied. , so the mood is so complicated! (Uncle Quan: Keqin on the left? You on the right?) The male is on the left and the female is on the right.

After 2 years of separation, I had the opportunity to reunite with my family. Gigi said frankly that she was both happy and moved: “On the first day I picked up Mommy from work, Mommy shouted, and I shouted when I got it. My parents talked to me a lot, Zhong I’m proud of them!” The emotional Gigi also pointed out that when he parted with his family again this time, he felt mixed feelings: “I think it’s not like I used to live, because I’ve grown up, but I don’t think I’m in the same boat. Tears kept crying.”

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Talking about the 8-year-old sister who made a surprise appearance on his online live broadcast recently, Gigi laughed and said that she felt very similar to her sister, and blew herself up that she couldn’t tell the difference between herself and her sister: “The funniest thing is that the production team needs the appearance of me when I was a child, Knowing that I made a mistake, my younger sister Zhang Xiangqu, I always thought it was me, until Mommy told me that my prophet made a mistake, and I felt so embarrassed.”

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