Twitter limits how many tweets users can see per day

2023-07-01 20:20:00

In another beautiful shot in the foot, Elon Musk Twitter announced today that it is limiting the amount of tweets users can see per day.

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong: when users reach that limit, the social network will simply stop working until the next day. One excellent news for addicts on duty, which will certainly sound like a beautiful bird song for Twitter advertisers who depend, of course, on the platform’s strong audience.

In announcing the news, Musk said that the measure is aimed at combating “extreme levels of data mining and system manipulation” – as if there were no other way to do this, like in fact using computer analysis to determine whether a user has a different behavior from a human. ????????‍♂️

The limits stipulated today — in a day when Twitter is very unstable, full of flaws — are 6,000 daily posts for verified accounts (that is, who pays for Twitter Blue), 600 daily posts for unverified accounts and 300 daily posts for verified accounts that were recently created. Also according to Muskthese numbers will rise “soon” to 8,000, 800 and 400 respectively.

Just yesterday, as we reported here on the site, Twitter was completely closed to anyone who is logged into the platform — that is, now tweets and profiles can only be viewed by those who have an account there.

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