Two Nintendo World amusement parks will open in the United States

The first will be installed in the heart of California.

The Super Nintendo World theme park in Osaka opened in 2021. In a few months, it recorded attendance records, despite the pandemic. The success of the formula obviously convinced Universal and Nintendo to open a second amusement park on the theme of the world of Nintendo games, this time in the United States.

Located in the heart of California, and more precisely in Hollywood, this new amusement park will open its doors in 2023. A third Nintendo World park should open in 2025 in Orlando this time.

Super Nintendo World Park was designed to provide an immersive experience in the Nintendo universe, with visual shows, interactive areas and attractions inspired by Nintendo’s greatest games. In Japan, visitors can take part in kart races in the Mariokart universe, take part in mini-games inspired by Mario Party or even a course game in the Yoshi universe.

For the moment, Universal has not yet specified the attractions that will be present in its two new parks. Visitors can, however, expect to be able to discover many cafes and restaurants in the most popular universes of Big N.

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