Two-thirds of Omicron patients were previously infected with corona.. a shocking study

The Omicron mutant from the Corona virus continues to dominate the global epidemic scene, and is so far on the list of the most prevalent mutant around the world, especially since infections are still on the rise, and even people who were infected with the original corona before the appearance of the mutant were not spared.

A new scientific study conducted by Imperial College London revealed that two-thirds of people who were recently infected with Omicron had previously been infected with the Corona virus, according to the British “BBC” network.
The study was conducted on 100,000 Britons who underwent PCR tests during the first two weeks of this year.

While the researchers found that nearly 4 thousand of those participants had positive results, and that all of these infections were with the new virus mutant, Omicron.

Two out of three (65%) of the infected volunteers said that they had previously tested positive for corona, while it was not yet clear how many volunteers were infected with Omicron despite receiving the vaccination.

More vulnerable categories
In addition, the results of the study concluded that there are certain groups that are more susceptible to infection with corona more than once within a short period.

These groups include health care workers, the elderly, families with children, and families living in crowded homes.

For his part, Professor Paul Elliott, who co-authored the study, said that “there is a rapidly increasing spread of corona among children now.”
“Compared to December 2021, the prevalence among the elderly, over the age of 65, has also increased significantly. It is therefore essential that we continue to monitor the situation closely,” he added.

Vaccines are the best way
The study team explained that although vaccines may not stop Omicron infection completely, it remains the best way to protect lives and reduce rates of infection with severe symptoms of the virus and hospitalization because of it.

It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization said in its weekly bulletin today that the risk level associated with the Omicron mutant is still high, as a new record number of injuries was recorded last week.

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