UK sees first rate of increase in coronavirus infections in two months

[이데일리 방성훈 기자] CNBC reported on the 13th (local time) that the number of people infected with COVID-19 in the UK, which had declared a ‘post-pandemic’, is on the rise once more.

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According to the UK Statistics Office (ONS), from 27 May to 2 June, 980,800 people tested positive for the coronavirus. This is regarding 1.5% of the population, or 1 in 65 people. It is also an increase from 93,900 the previous week, CNBC explained that it is the first time in two months that the number of infected people has returned to an increasing trend.

By age group, the number of cases of infection sharply increased among those aged 35 to 49, and early signs of an increase were also confirmed among those aged 16 to 24. On the other hand, the number of cases of infection decreased among those aged 50 to 69 and over 70.

There is growing concern that another pandemic wave is coming. The fact that the vaccine efficacy is declining and the number of people receiving COVID-19 diagnostic tests is decreasing are also raising tensions.

“Regular social interactions are resuming, and the immune function of vaccines is weakening over time,” said Simon Clark, associate professor at the University of Reading. “The recent surge in infections is inevitable.”

Professor Roland Cao of the University of Edinburgh said, “The number of people being tested for COVID-19 is decreasing and the number of confirmed cases is increasing. “It’s never a good combination,” he said. “We will see another serious increase in infections this winter.”

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