Ukraine considers it ″very important″ to win the war before winter | The World | D.W.

It is important for Ukraine to win the war before winter, in order not to allow the Russians to settle in the long term, said the head of the cabinet of the Ukrainian presidency, Andriy Yermak, in an interview published on Tuesday (07.19.2022).

“It is very important for us that it does not reach the winter. After the winter, the Russians will have had time to establish themselves, so it will be more difficult. They lead us to it. It is very important for us not to give them that possibility,” Yermak told Novoie Vremia magazine.

Although Yermak repeated that the deliveries of weapons from the Western powers were still insufficient, he also explained that they have US military aid through the “Lend and Lease Law”, a World War II law recovered in May by the president. Joe Biden to speed up the shipment of weapons.

“Our goal is victory, we don’t expect anything else,” he added.

This official also stressed that the current negotiations with Russia are focused on unblocking the export of grain from Ukrainian ports, and not, for example, on seeking an end to the conflict.

“These negotiations are taking place between the military and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and with the mediation of the UN,” he explained.

“I communicate with the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, not with the Russians,” he added.

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