Ukrainian Citizens Killed by Hamas: International Support for Israel Amidst Conflict

2023-10-21 22:53:12

Reporter Yang Peiqi/Comprehensive Report

Since the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched its attacks on Israel, the conflict has continued to expand. Not only people in Israel and the Gaza Strip were killed or injured, but many foreigners also lost their lives due to the conflict. Including 13 Ukrainian citizens who escaped the war between Russia and Ukraine, but were killed by Hamas. The First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, recently called the wife of the Israeli President, Michal Herzog, to express her condolences for the Israeli casualties and injuries, and also expressed her support for Israel. position.

According to information released by the Office of the President of Ukraine, from October 7, when Hamas launched its attack on Israel, to October 17, a total of 13 Ukrainian citizens were killed and 436 others were evacuated. A Ukrainian boy who survived the murder of his mother by Hamas militants in front of him is still receiving treatment and psychological counseling in an Israeli hospital.

The Ukrainians who escaped the war between Russia and Ukraine did not escape the gunfire of radical militants. Ukrainian First Lady Olina was deeply saddened. She called Israeli First Lady Michal to express her condolences for the Israeli casualties and her support for Israel. Strong support.

Olina said that Ukraine feels the pain of every family in Israel. The Ukrainian army, which continues to fight on the front lines, even recorded videos to cheer for Israel. Zelenska also pointed out that Ukraine always supports peace in the Middle East and that every country that values ​​life must unite and stand firm.

A few days ago, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also expressed his support for Israel and hoped to visit Israel, emphasizing that “the world must unite so that terrorism will not try to take lives anywhere and at any time.” However, Israel The authorities temporarily declined Zelensky’s visit on the grounds that it was “not the right time.”

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