Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Keyboard and Mouse: G-Clicker Superhero OP95 Ventus Review

2024-03-21 18:51:00

Input devices such as keyboards and mice are more difficult to select than CPUs, motherboards, and graphics cards. Most hardware involved in the operation of a PC can be selected based on relatively objective criteria such as performance, durability, and price, but it is very difficult to provide a basis for objective judgment when it comes to input devices, where judgments about the product vary greatly depending on the user. . High-quality input devices costing hundreds of millions of won are being released, but no matter how expensive a product is, if it does not fit your hand, the input device is useless.

Choosing a keyboard or mouse that suits your hand is quite important, not only because all controls are performed through input devices such as keyboard and mouse, but also because it is a device that users will hold in their hands and use for a long time. It can minimize various health side effects caused by long-term use, and allows for faster and more accurate control in gaming where you have to compete with someone else.

# G-Clicker Superhero OP95 Ventus

In the case of a keyboard, it is possible to customize it to some extent, such as replacing switches or keycaps to suit the user’s taste, but with a mouse, even this is not easy. Considering that most of the side effects on the body caused by long-term PC use are triggered by the mouse, the mouse is probably the most important hardware, so you should be a little more careful in choosing it.

The G-Clicker Superhero OP95 Ventus is a product worth considering at least once in that it supports options to optimize switches and palm covers for the user. As it is a product released with the concept of gaming, its performance is also satisfactory, making it a recommended product not only for gaming environments but also for almost any environment that requires long-term use.

The design of the mouse is truly mysterious. Products that are promoted as being for right-handed or left-handed people are not very comfortable to hold, and even though they are products that are thought to be of a standard shape, when you actually hold them in your hand, you feel as if they fit perfectly. This means that there is quite a big difference between what you see and the actual grip.

When you hold the OP95 Ventus in your hand, there is no part that sticks out so much that it is uncomfortable, and there is no part that goes in unnecessarily and requires a little more force. It is most naturally gripped with the least amount of force. Through countless trials and errors, the design that provides the best grip is becoming generalized to some extent, and OP95 also follows this design, providing a high level of grip without any flaws.

I also like the perforation on the left and right sides. It may seem a bit far-fetched to say that ventilation has been improved to this extent to maintain a comfortable feeling, but in the author’s case, it was a great help in maintaining the sensation in his fingertips that becomes dull the longer he uses it. There are perforations in the positions where the mouse is held, such as the thumb, opposite ring finger, and little finger, so when you hold the mouse, you can feel a clear and pleasant resistance. In particular, when using it for a long time, this feeling was quite refreshing, which was really helpful in maintaining the sensation in my fingertips.

When the palm cover is removed, the receiver is stored inside. OP95 Ventus can be connected in a variety of ways, including wired, 2.4GHz, and Bluetooth 5.3. The built-in 600mAh battery can be used continuously for up to 24 hours when fully charged, allowing you to easily get through the day even when connected wirelessly.

Even if the battery runs out and you need to connect a cable to recharge or use it, there is little inconvenience. Provides a very soft paracord cable for freedom of movement. In addition, when connecting to a mobile device such as a tablet that does not support a USB port, you can use Bluetooth.

#Palm cover as you wish, switch as you wish

One of the biggest features of the OP95 Ventus is that the palm cover can be replaced to suit the user’s preference. Two types of palm covers are provided, a basic palm cover with a smooth surface and an air palm cover with hexagonal perforations, so you can use them interchangeably depending on the situation and preference. Replacing the palm cover is also very easy. Since it is magnetically attached, all you have to do is lift it lightly. There is no need to worry about the cover coming off during use. Once installed, it never leaves its place until the user decides to remove it.

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The basic palm cover with a smooth surface has an excellent grip and a large area that adheres closely to the hand, making it recommended in environments that require relatively precise work. In particular, it is suitable for editing video or images. On the other hand, if faster and more intense pointing is required, an air palm cover with perforations is recommended. The appropriate resistance prevents it from falling out of your hand even when moving quickly, and the weight is also about 5g lighter at 80g, which can slightly reduce the burden caused by fast movement.

It’s not just the palm cover that can be replaced. You can also use the click/non-click switch at any time. Of course, both types of switches are also provided upon purchase. There is no need to worry about durability as the Huano switch boasts a lifespan of 10 million cycles.

The button part can be easily removed by holding the handle behind the DP control button at the top and lifting it lightly. Since you can just take it out using the provided switch remover, the actual time it takes to replace two switches is less than 1 minute.

It’s not very likely that mouse clicking noises will cause a problem, but depending on the space, there are times when a quieter mouse may be advantageous. In particular, when using in a space shared by several people, it is advantageous to use a noise-free, non-click switch. On the other hand, when playing games, switches that provide a light clicking sensation are advantageous. The advantage of the OP95 Ventus is that you can use the two switches freely as needed, allowing you to use it to suit changing environments.

# Performance as a gaming mouse is also excellent

If the palm cover and button part can be separated in a simple way, there may be concerns that separation may occur during use. This is because even a small gap of less than 0.5mm can cause a huge sense of difference if the mouse is controlled by the user’s fingertips.

Fortunately, although the top covers of the OP95 Ventus can be easily removed, they are tied together very accurately once installed. There is no need to worry about this as it is so perfectly fixed that you cannot feel the slightest difference compared to other mice that do not have an exchange function.

Another positive aspect is that the frequently used front and back buttons are made relatively wider and easier to press. Avoid the position of the thumb where the grip is made to prevent accidental pressing, but place the button in an accurate position where you can use it with minimal movement, making it highly usable.

It has a 100IPS/20G Acceleration sensor from PicsArt known for providing the highest accuracy, sophisticated DPI control with 6 levels of 400/800/1200/2400/3200/5000, and a 1000Hz polling rate, making it suitable for use as a gaming mouse. Provides performance. All functions can be controlled directly from the mouse without any additional software, making it faster and more intuitive.

This product was released with the assumption that it would be a new concept entry-level gaming mouse, but considering that it has a very good grip, a perforated design that creates exactly the amount of resistance needed when needed, and even the palm cover and switches are replaceable, you will have to sit in front of the PC for a long time. This is a product I would recommend to give it a try to graphics or video editors, or office workers who do most of their work on a PC.

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