Unlocking the Secrets of Cherries: Health Benefits, Side Effects, and More!

2023-06-16 18:30:18

Seasonal fruits are an important source of vitamins and nutrients needed for the growth of the body and a healthy mind and body. Among the seasonal fruits, cherries come packed with many health benefits, but what are those benefits? What are the harms caused by excessive consumption of it?

Health and therapeutic benefits of cherries:

1- Cherries contain vitamin C, which plays a key role in developing and strengthening the body’s immunity, and helps improve the health of teeth and gums.

2- Cherries contain melatonin, a type of hormone that helps regulate sleep and treat children’s sleep disorders.

3- The anthocyanin compounds found in cherries may help prevent colon and prostate cancer.

4- Cherries contain fiber that helps in detoxing and improving digestive health.

5- If you are feeling weak and tired, cherries can boost energy throughout the day.

Side effects of eating cherries excessively:

Excessive consumption of cherries can lead to digestive problems, such as intestinal gas, bloating, and cramps.

Some people may be allergic to cherries; It is best for these people to avoid eating cherries.

Cherries contain sugars and little hydrolyzed nucleic acids, which increase the risk of tooth decay.

Some experts warn against eating cherries a lot because some types contain a high percentage of pesticides.

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