UNPAID INVOICES – The jirama will proceed with the cut

2023-04-26 02:50:42

Jirama announces that it will cut for subscribers who have unpaid bills. Individuals and businesses are affected.

No more warnings. Jirama will now cut off the water and electricity supply for its subscribers who have unpaid bills. This concerns both individuals and businesses. It was Solo Andriamanampisoa, Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbons (MEH) who announced it during a press conference yesterday. According to his explanations, this state-owned company is currently in difficulty and the accumulation of unpaid debts has contributed to aggravating the situation. “The Jirama today is unable to pay its suppliers and partners, which explains the long power cuts endured by the population. If we want to turn society around, everyone will have to pay their Jirama bill,” said the minister. The former Chairman of the Jirama Board of Directors also launched a real warning shot to those who are in arrears with Jirama on this occasion. He accuses them of neglecting the payment of water and electricity bills, unlike other common household and business expenses.

Prepaid meters

“Why can Jirama’s bills wait while others are paid normally. We will have to educate our subscribers to pay the Jirama bill on time, ”he says. “Companies must schedule and prioritize the payment of Jirama invoices in the same way as the salary,” he continues. The promotion of prepaid meters is part of this “education of subscribers to pay what is due”. According to the explanations, a campaign to replace old meters with prepaid ones will be launched. Solo Andriamanampisoa also announced on this occasion that most contracts with Jirama’s electricity suppliers have been revised with “legitimate” clauses in favor of Madagascar. The same is true for negotiations for the staggered settlement of Jirama’s arrears. “We have revised all the one-sided contracts that have been to the great disadvantage of Jirama”, proudly declares the Minister of Energy.

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