Unpaid Performers at Yadi Sembako Event: Jakarta Comedian Aldi Taher Speaks Out

2023-09-25 04:43:05


Aldi Taher became one of the unpaid performers at the event held by Yadi Sembako. Even though he had accepted that he would not be paid, Aldi apparently admitted that he had seen Yadi Sembako’s good faith.

Aldi even said that Yadi wanted to sell the house to fulfill outstanding payments.

“Yesterday I also said, ‘Brother, I want to sell my house, I will pay you, brother, to pay my singing fees’, then I said, ‘That’s it, bro, if I’m sincere,’ I said, ‘Aldi is sincere, bro, if that’s the case, I can only pray for him. Just do it’,” said Aldi Taher when met at the Trans TV Studio recently.

Previously, Aldi was offered to be a performer at an event held by Yadi. Aldi wanted to take part in the event because of his friendship with Yadi.

“Well, I don’t know that (Yadi’s job now). I know he’s a film maker, a comedian, he’s been an MC too, a singer too, and yesterday the person who contacted him directly, there’s WA. ‘Bro, can you do a show or not, bro? That’s all.’ “I said, ‘Now Aldi will take care of your wife’s schedule, bro’ and then the wife will contact you. That’s how many spots Aldi has, yes, because friends stop by. Because Aldi has also just recovered from illness, right,” he explained.

Aldi can only pray for Yadi. He also did not think that there could be incidents of alleged fraud committed by Yadi.

“Yes, the point is that we as friends can only pray and I happen to be singing there, performing, so we don’t know what the future will be. I personally also don’t think it will be like that, the payment won’t necessarily increase,” he said.

Aldi himself admitted that he was sincere if he didn’t get paid. Aldi has also discussed this with his wife.

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“Yes, at the time there was a deal on the price and it hasn’t been paid until now, but I personally and my wife too, I have also told Bang Yadi, God willing, I will accept it and of course I hope the problem will be resolved quickly,” said Aldi.

Aldi himself believes that Yadi was sued by EO regarding equipment and stage sets.

“Only what I heard about the news was more about the equipment, yes, the equipment for performing. As for talent friends, I don’t know, because I personally went to Bang Yadi directly. Because the person who contacted me was not EO, but a friend, right? finally, yes,” he concluded.

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