Unveiling the Truth: The Disease That Took Christian Bach’s Life – Humberto Zurita Opens Up in Candid Interview

2023-08-30 22:54:00

Humberto Zurita granted an interview with the television host, Anette Cuburu, where for the first time he spoke about the disease that attacked his wife, Christian Bachwho unfortunately lost his life in a surprising way in February 2019.

Throughout several years, the first actor remained completely secretive about the death of Christian BachHowever, in a recent talk he gave important details of the health problems presented by his beloved and mother of his two children.

They were one of the favorite couples. Photo: Special

What did Christian Bach die of?

During the talk he had with Anette Cuburu on the YouTube channel “Anetteando”, Humberto Zurita was questioned about the last days of Christian Bach’s life. The actor immediately showed his astonished face at the unexpected question.

After remembering how his courtship and marriage with the actress was, Humberto Zurita opened up to his millions of followers to confess that his wife had severe complications from cancer. Immediately after, he said that he would not give more details because that was the way the Argentine-born actress wanted it.

“People know that she (Christian Bach) caught cancer,” he said before the cameras.

After revealing that Christian Bach He had cancer, Humberto Zurita confessed that he would never give the details that they lived through during this complicated period because his deceased wife wanted it that way. He put an end to the controversy by saying that his life is not a show and he has eternal respect for his wife.

“What was her process and all that stays with her. That’s how she wanted it. I don’t like to make a show of my life, but it is a respect for my wife. We do keep that topic,” he said.

How many children does Humberto Zurita have?

At 68 years of age, Humberto Zurita had the joy of becoming a father twice. The first one with the birth of Sebastián and later with the arrival of Emiliano. Both are the product of his relationship with Christian Bach.

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Currently, the protagonist of soap operas such as “How to survive single”, “100 days to fall in love” and “El candidate” is dating Stephanie Salas, ex-partner of the renowned singer, Luis Miguel.

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