Unwrapping the New Year’s gift that Chompoo Araya gave to Mae Ning. Spent half a million on 2 Chenel bags to wear to the garden!

2023-12-31 07:40:32

Chompoo Araya gives a New Year’s gift to Mae Ning with brand name clothes and Chanel bags, her favorite brand. 2 bags go all out. Make her happy. Carry them to go gardening!

Picture from Instagram chomismaterialgirl

New Year’s Day It’s time for us to deliver good things to the people we love. The same asChompoo Araya that during the last New Year He had prepared a gift for Grandma Ning. A lovely mother who loves gardening and cooking, to the point of winning awards as a cooking influencer.

which is the gift that Chompoo gave to Grandma Ning Let me tell you, it’s worth waiting for: a Chanel Flap bag with top handle worth 259,500 baht and a Chenel 22 worth 197,000 baht. Total of 2 bags isn’t that much, just about 456,500 baht, very beautiful and comfortable.

Picture from Instagram kruayaining

And when Grandma Ning got it, she was very pleased. In addition to trying to carry it to see. When going to the garden to do gardening Grandma Ning doesn’t make her children regret that she bought something and didn’t use it. She carried Chenel 22 to dry in the sun and do gardening. Once you’ve bought it, you have to use it to its worth. It’s a bag that goes with every outfit. Can you get out of every job? ….

Picture from Instagram kruayaining

Picture from Instagram chomismaterialgirl, kruayaining

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