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GTA 5 games This game is nothing but an open video game that fell under action games as well as fantasy, and the Grand Theft Auto 2 game was developed by DMA Design and at one time the game was known as Rockstar North and the publisher of the game became Rockstar, as it is The second game in the Grand Theft Auto series, which dates back to 1999 AD.

Features of the Grand Theft Auto 5 game

The Grand had many advantages within it, including the following:

  • It enables you to engage in the game mode, whether it is individual or even group.
  • Each character in the game is followed by a backstory, in order to make the player more and more attached to this game.
  • The player can save their game progress before exiting the system.
  • You can change the game environment in a variety of places, and this feature was made available by the game.
  • There is a lot of variety, whether in vehicles that are used in toys, in motorcycles, or even cars, as well as police vehicles, as well as helicopters.

Grand Theft Auto games

This game became one of the Grand Theft Auto 2 car games that was launched to players in the year 1999 AD, and the reason for that is to be a quantum leap in the level as well as the nature of video games, as that version became GTA 2 is nothing but a reinforcement and documentation of the success of the first version that He came to move freely in the virtual world, which has become open and realistic, in addition to completing a variety of tasks, with the aim of earning material profits and survival.

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Special Gata games

On the other hand, the second version has become “Grand Theft Auto” 2 “from the series of crime games GTA, which has the same principle of play, which is to complete the tasks assigned to each player in the game, and this is through the game system in a specific period of time, and it is worth noting that all tasks in The game is criminal, that is, it varied between stealing cars, terrorizing the safe, carrying out bank robberies, assassinations, and the like, and when you finish the tasks assigned to you, the game gives the player progress points, and those points make him continue in the advanced levels.

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