Urgent.. Death mourns the artist, Arwa Gouda, and sadness hangs over the family

2023-06-23 08:20:09

The artist, Arwa Gouda, revealed during the early hours of this morning, Friday, June 23, the death of her father, Yahya Ahmed Qassem Gouda, and Arwa announced the news through her official account on the social networking site Facebook, through a post in which she wrote, “The funeral prayer for my father.” The forgiven, God willing, Mr. Yahya Ahmed Qassem Judeh, on Friday 6/23 with Friday prayers at Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque, God willing.”

Death mourns the artist, Arwa Gouda, and grief hangs over the family

Arwa added, “We ask you to pray and read Al-Fatiha for my dear father as well, not an order.” Many of Arwa’s followers and followers commented on the post, calling on God Almighty to forgive and have mercy on her father, and to inspire her and her family with patience and solace. In the artistic community, condolences to her through publications on their official social media accounts.

Death mourns the artist, Arwa Gouda, and grief hangs over the family

Arwa Gouda’s latest work

And the series “The Imam’s Message” is considered the last work of the artist, Arwa Gouda, during the previous Ramadan season 2023, and Arwa participated in the championship of the series with the artist Khaled Al Nabawi and a number of major art stars in Egypt, and the series is directed by Al-Laith Hajjo, and it achieved strong success during the race. Ramadan, where he won the admiration of many people from Egypt and the Arab world, and obtained millions of views, and the series tells in a historical framework the real events of the life of Imam Muhammad al-Shafi’i, and the difficulties he faced while trying to spread his message, and he participated in the work, the artist Nidal Al-Shafi’i and the artist Khaled Anwar And the artist Arwa Gouda, the artist Khaled Al-Qish, the artist Hamza Al-Aili, the artist Khaled Al-Nabawi and other stars, and the number of episodes of the series is 30 episodes, and it has not been announced that there is any intention to make a second part of the work.

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