US Media: A Prehistoric African Invertebrate Named ‘Zelensky’ | Blog Post

Scientists have discovered a marine invertebrate fossil in Ethiopia, Africa, recently named “Ausichicrinites zelenskyyi” in honor of the “brave” and “fearless” of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky .

According to the US “Newsweek” report on July 20, the British “Royal Society Open Science” (Royal Society Open Science) recently published a paper, which named a prehistoric marine invertebrate discovered in Ethiopia, Africa in recent years. For “Zelensky” (Ausichicrinites zelenskyyi).

According to the report, the creature is a close relative of sea stars and sea cucumbers. Scientists have discovered its fossils on the east coast of Africa in recent years. In 2021, the fossils will be sent to the University of Silesia in Poland for further research. Zelensky lived about 150 million years ago and is a marine invertebrate. The authors of the paper, from the University of Silesia in Poland, chose “Zelensky” as its name because of the “brave and fearlessness” of Ukrainian President Zelensky in times of national crisis.

According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on July 21, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova commented on this on her personal social media account, “This (a move) is symbolic, but it is indeed very figurative.”

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