US President Joe Biden undergoes second root canal treatment, postpones NATO meeting – Latest updates

2023-06-12 17:55:29

The White House announced that US President Joe Biden postponed his meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and missed an event on his agenda, Monday, to undergo root canal treatment for the second time in two days.

In a message distributed to journalists, Biden’s doctor reported that the US president felt a toothache, Sunday, which prompted a medical team from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to conduct an X-ray examination and root canal treatment that day.

Doctor Kevin O’Connor wrote about the medical intervention, which he had not previously disclosed: “The president underwent the procedure (root canal treatment) and everything went well. There were no complications.”

A White House official said that Biden does not need anesthesia, nor does he need to transfer power to his deputy, Kamala Harris, under the twenty-fifth Amendment to the US Constitution during his treatment.

Biden changed or missed 3 public events on Monday: the meeting with Stoltenberg, an official reception for diplomats, and an event celebrating college athletes.

His meeting with the NATO Secretary General and reception were postponed to Tuesday, while Harris attended the event celebrating college athletes in place of the president.

Biden, 80, is the oldest person to assume the presidency of the United States, and his age and health have always attracted the attention of voters, as he seeks to run for a second 4-year presidential term in the 2024 presidential elections.

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