V. Daraškevičius, photographing the pageant of Races for 50 years: the shortest night time radiates mysticism Multimedia storytelling

In the course of the Soviet period, such an initiative, which was not launched by the occasion, couldn’t stay unnoticed for a very long time. Already a few years later, the authorities drew consideration to the folks gathering in Kernave throughout the shortest nights, treating all of this as self-activity endangering the Soviet order. One of many initiators of the celebrations, Jonas Trinkūnas, who turned the top of the neighborhood “Romuva” throughout the interval of independence, was even threatened with expulsion from the college, he was persecuted, so he didn’t take part within the Race celebrations in Kernave for some time.

Though the vacation was by no means formally banned, the authorities tried in varied methods to forestall folks from selecting in Kernave. At the moment, only some buses went right here from Vilnius per day. So it occurred that on that day the buses unexpectedly “broke down” and the chances of reaching the place turned extraordinarily sophisticated for folks.

Later, on the grounds that individuals had been trampling the grass, it was not allowed to collect on the Kernavė mounds – then the members of the pageant met a few kilometers away, on the border of Širvintos and Vilnius districts, however nonetheless got here to the mounds to observe the sundown.

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