Vaccination Campaign Against Avian Flu: 80,000 Ducks to be Vaccinated in the English Channel

2023-10-11 19:47:55

The duck vaccination campaign against avian flu begins in the English Channel. Nearly 80,000 ducks must be vaccinated. 21 breeders in the department are affected.

The vaccination campaign promised by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty must begin this fall after three difficult years for the poultry farming sector, with successive attacks of avian flu. In the Manche, nearly 80,000 ducks must be vaccinated.

For farms keeping more than 250 ducks whose products, meat and foie gras, are intended for marketing, vaccination is compulsory. 21 farms have more than 250 animals out of the 28 structures in the department. The Manche prefecture indicates that« as of October 5, 2023, the number of animals to be vaccinated in these Manche farms keeping more than 250 ducks is estimated at 79,403 individuals.. These vaccination operations are carried out under the supervision of health veterinarians.

According to West France, this national campaign is estimated at 100 million euros. The vaccination campaign is 85% supported by the State, the rest is the responsibility of the sectors.

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