[Video Exposure]Worse than Sushi Lang’s “Food Terror Attack”!Japanese man breaks into supermarket freezer and urinates directly on bento

Worse than Sushiro’s “Food Terror Attack”! Japanese man breaks into supermarket freezer and urinates directly on bento. (reposted from twitter)

There is another disgusting food attack incident in Japan. This time it happened in a supermarket. The video shows a man rushing straight into the open refrigerator of the supermarket, then took off his pants on the spot, and urinated directly on the lunch box. After the video spread, many netizens were frightened .

This video sparked heated discussions among Japanese netizens in the past two days. It can be seen that a man broke into a supermarket and urinated directly on the bento box on the refrigerated shelf. When the clerk found out, he immediately stepped forward to stop him and asked the man out of the store, but the man still didn’t put on his pants and urinated all the way to the door.

Immediately following the video was fermented, it attracted the attention of Japanese netizens. Everyone shouted: “It’s disgusting!”, “This kind of scum should be arrested quickly, accept legal sanctions, and stop imitating criminals.” Three similar disgusting incidents?”, “It feels like this person drank too much.” It is currently unknown which supermarket the incident happened.

Disgusting “food terrorism” incidents have been reported frequently in Japan recently, especially the conveyor belt sushi industry, including Sushiro and Kuro Sushi. In addition to Sushiro’s official complaint to the suspect, the Aichi County police also fired the first shot a few days ago, arresting three people who had licked soy sauce cans at the Nagoya branch of Tibetan Sushi.

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