Video of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck arguing at the Grammys goes viral

People and royalty

It’s not always easy to appear smiling and in a good mood when the cameras are watching us.

This February 5, was held the 65th ceremony of the Grammy Awards. An evening during which the best recordings, compositions and artists of the year are rewarded. For the occasion, a flood of stars had made the trip and walked the red carpet. Among the latter, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez who had come to attend the event.

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If the singer seemed to have a good time, sometimes letting herself go dancing on some of the performances of the artists, the actor seemed to him to be bored. In fact, he only occasionally nodded, but didn’t seem in the mood for the evening. A detail that has not escaped the attention of Internet users who have also noticed that the couple seemed to be arguing at one point. Visibly uncomfortable, the spouses changed their behavior when they noticed that they were being filmed. An almost banal scene for a couple but which has the gift of entertaining the web.

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