Viggo Mortensen described Javier Milei’s management as a disaster

In a radio interview, Mortensen gave his opinion on the Argentine situation. Furthermore, the actor – who starred as Aragorn in the famous saga of The Lord of the Rings – assured that “a smaller percentage of the Argentine population suits this clown.”

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Viggo Mortensen He lived in Argentina until he was 11 years old, however, the actor always kept in touch with the country. In a radio interview, the artist gave his opinion on the political, economic and social situation in Argentina: ““I have friends, I talk to my friends in Argentina and I know that the situation is screwed.”

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The actor, who is premiering Until the end of the world, his second film as a director, did not escape the opportunity to analyze Milei’s administration. “Not only for the arts and cinema is it a total disaster, for ordinary people, normal people too“, he stated.

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Viggo Mortensen’s statements once morest Javier Milei

“I have my opinions, I read and I observe,” Mortensen explained before expressing himself regarding the political scene in Argentina. “This situation with Milei, that the Spanish media is going to say ‘she is a genius’ who is ‘lifting up the economy’, is doing it for a smaller percentage of Argentina“said the artist.

Symbolic hug INCAA.jpg

Last Friday, a mobilization held a symbolic hug for INCAA.

Photo: Infonews.

“To that smaller percentage of the Argentine population It suits him that this clown is there, doll on the right, manipulated by others“criticized the new director. In addition, Mortensen assured that the Government’s measures will”bring tail for a long time“.

However, despite the poor prognosis, Mortensen explained that “one day this clown is going to disappear“. “Argentina historically is a people of great endurance, of being accustomed to continually climbingto be in horrible situations like this,” he concluded.

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Milei vs el cine argentino

Mortensen was not the only actor to speak out once morest President Javier Milei. A few weeks ago, Ricardo Darín and Dolores Fonzi They also pointed out once morest the definancing and closure of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA)

The current administration ruled, among other measures, to suspend the realization of all disbursements linked to institutional support and contributions, as well as how to interrupt the financial support destined to the Provinces and CABA. In addition, 138 contracts were terminated, of which 90 were not renewed and 48 were discontinued.

Lastly, the last April 22the Government also decreed the closure of the INCAA During two weeks. After the deadline, the future of the institution is still unknown.

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