Violent Assault Outside Pot au Lait Bar in Liège: Martin Attacked by Eros and Sylvain

2023-11-03 17:20:00

Thursday followingnoon, around 4:43 p.m., a fight broke out in front of the Pot au Lait bar in Liège, on rue Soeurs-de-Hasque. Eros, 29 years old, and Sylvain, 25 years old, attacked Martin (not his real name) for an undetermined reason. The first threw a glass at Martin’s head before punching him in the face. Eros then, with the help of Sylvain, kicked the victim numerous times while the latter tried to protect himself, lying on the ground.

Martin, born in 1999, was treated by the emergency services and was hospitalized. Eros and Sylvain were deprived of their liberty and referred to the Liège public prosecutor’s office. The magistrate will decide the fate of the two suspects upon receipt of Martin’s medical certificate.

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