Viral Police Wife Sindir Najwa Shihab: Must Look Grumpy

Saturday, September 17, 2022 – 14:29 WIB

VIVA Trending – After Najwa Shihab’s statement regarding lifestyle member the police the hedonist. This has invited criticism from a woman who claims to be the wife of a police officer.

The video was uploaded in the TikTok account @hydebeauty.jakarta on September 16, 2022. The video contains his satire regarding Najwa Shihab’s words regarding wealth police officer.

The wife of the police insinuates Najwa Shihab regarding the hedon lifestyle of members of the Police

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The woman in black satirized the words spoken by Najwa Shihab regarding the clothes worn by members of the National Police.

Police wife You can’t be hedonistic, you have to be tattered, you can’t wear expensive bags, even if you were born into a rich family, you still have to look good,” wrote the video.

In response to these words, this woman then quipped back at Najwa Shihab, who according to her, seemed as if only journalists who were usually called Mbak Nana might look rich. The woman also changed Najwa Shihab’s name to Jaja Sohib.

Yes, I’m sorry, Ms. Jaja Friend, we can’t have a business, we can’t be rich, I’m sorry, Ms.,” he said.

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