Waldzell village festival: Andi Goldberger has been a fixed starter since 1995

2023-07-15 04:18:00

On Sunday, July 30, 1995, the Waldzell village festival celebrated its premiere in the Rieder community. At that time, Waldzell’s most famous “son” by far reached the peak of his career. Andreas “Goldi” Goldberger won the overall World Cup and the Four Hills Tournament this year. For many years, Willi Litzlbauer was the initiator of the “Goldi Fan Club”, which loudly supported the ski jumper at numerous events.

Litzlbauer, known in the Innviertel as a so-called “bunny dog”, had the idea, together with Georg Mairinger, to start a village festival in Waldzell.

Since then, the event, which is taking place for the 27th time this year, has grown steadily and enjoys cult status in Waldzell and the surrounding communities. The motto: “You just have to be there at the Waldzell village festival.”

Goldberger was always there

Almost 30 years later, one of the main organizers is still Willi Litzlbauer, and for Andi Goldberger, who has lived in Mondsee for many years, a visit to his home town this weekend is still a must. “Goldi was always there right from the start. Because of his popularity, we built up the festival and made it known. If it hadn’t been for him, the village festival would certainly not have developed so positively,” says Litzlbauer.

Andreas Goldberger and Willi Litzlbauer with a “Goldi badge” from the first Waldzell village festival in 1995 Photo: Streif

“I’ve been there since 1995. The whole town comes together on this day. I’m really looking forward to my 27th visit,” says Goldberger.

This year the village festival will take place on Saturday, July 29th (from 4 p.m. with a “trial lighting” in front of the municipal office) and on Sunday, July 30th. Thousands of visitors are expected in Waldzell, especially on Sunday.

It starts at 9 a.m. at Andreas-Goldberger-Platz in the town center with a family and legends hike. In addition to Goldberger, the two-time ski jumping world champion Heinz Kuttin, trainer legend Heinz Hochhauser and the Schildorner ski jumper Jacqueline Seifriedsberger will tackle the leisurely hike. “We hope that hundreds will come again,” says Litzlbauer.

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“Great Togetherness”

“Everyone comes together at this festival and you can tell how great the team spirit is in our community,” says Mayor Johannes Aigner. According to Litzlbauer and local chief Aigner, a new committee consisting primarily of leading officials from the Waldzell clubs was founded last year. “There are new and very good ideas, that’s very positive,” emphasize the two.

Further information and the entire program of this year’s Waldzell village festival is available online at www.waldzeller.at.


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