“Wanda Nara calls out Damian Betular’s distracting behavior on MasterChef Telefe”

2023-04-20 03:28:49

The host of the program telefe He did not see with good eyes the attitude that the jury had with the contestants. Look!

Although the goal of Damian Betular was to go up to the balcony to see how the preparations of the participants of MasterChef and help them, Wanda Nara He did not take kindly to the chef’s attitude… and he let him know!

Damián, come down and help me, he has to hurry because there is very little time left.”, was the request of the host of the program telefe to the jury, listening to all their instructions to the boys.

You entertain him, you are not helping them. They don’t have time, huh”, added the sister of Zaira Nara, trying to ensure that the contestants are not distracted by anything and can finish their plate on time. After listening to it, Betular defended himself: “I’m helping them!”

I only recommend that they start to hurry up because they are not going to arrive. 5 minutes left!”, closed Wanda, who closely followed the minute by minute that the group had left before showing off with the final result.

What a moment!


It was a real challenge faced by the participants of MasterChef by having to randomly choose different ingredients that passed through a conveyor belt (which was installed in the middle of the studio) to delight the jury with their special dish. And without hiding his astonishment, antonio lopez He confessed when he saw that there were prawns in his package.

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If I am happy with what I got? No. Never in my life have I seen, touched or eaten a prawn”, was the reaction of the contestant, who had to handle this sophisticated food for the first time in his life.

Despite the difficulties, Antonio did not hesitate to ask his partner for help, Rodolfo Vera Calderonto whom he went to teach him the correct technique to cut the prawns that he later presented before Damian Betular, Germán Martitegui y Donato de Santis.

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