Washington denies sponsoring an “energy deal” between Lebanon and Israel

Washington – Anatolia: On Monday, the United States of America denied reports claiming that Washington sponsored an energy deal between Beirut and Tel Aviv, under which Israel would transfer quantities of gas to Lebanon via Jordan and Syria. The US State Department’s Office of Near Eastern Affairs said on Twitter that reports that the United States is sponsoring an energy deal between Israel and Lebanon are “false.” This came following Lebanon denied the authenticity of a report published by the private Israeli “Channel 12” last Saturday, in which it claimed that Washington had agreed to an agreement to supply Israeli gas to Lebanon, saying that Washington “gave the green light to move in this regard and that the gas will be transferred from Israel to Jordan, and then It will be supplied through the pipeline to Syria and from there to Lebanon.” Yesterday, Lebanon confirmed that the agreement to supply gas to it states that he is an Egyptian and not an Israeli, categorically denying what was reported by the Hebrew media in this regard. He added that “the gas supply agreement that is being worked on between the Lebanese government and the Egyptian government clearly and explicitly states that the gas will come from Egypt, which owns large quantities of it.”
In early September, the energy and oil ministers of Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and the Syrian regime agreed on a “road map” to supply Lebanon with electricity and gas, to solve an energy crisis that it has been suffering from for months. Lebanon has been suffering for years, a severe crisis in the provision of electricity, and it has escalated in recent months due to the scarcity of fuel following the financial collapse in the country. The fuel crisis in Lebanon is one of the most prominent repercussions of the economic crisis that has afflicted the country since late 2019, which has caused a financial collapse and a scarcity of foreign exchange needed to import fuel and other basic commodities.

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