Watch .. A child saves his mother from drowning at the last minute after she fell ill in the swimming pool

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: Tributes poured out on a ten-year-old American child, after he managed to save his mother, who fell ill while she was swimming in a swimming pool.

The American news network “Fox News” reported that the incident dates back to early August and took place in the state of Oklahoma.

The name of the child is Gavin and his mother, Laurie Kenny, who said what happened was one of her worst nightmares.

She recounted how “Gavin just got out of the pool and was on the balcony and that’s when he heard me ‘yep’.”

She added: “He jumped, the dog even tried to get into the pool. He (the child) took me to the stairs and then my father ran inside.”

The security police stated that without the child’s quick action, the mother would likely have drowned in the attached swimming pool attached to the family home.

A video clip taken by the surveillance camera shows how the fast child ran towards the swimming pool, where he climbed the stairs leading to it, then jumped into the water and swam towards the mother and pulled her to the edge of the pool, after which the father came to help get the mother out.

And the US police in Oklahoma honored the child, who was described by local media and networking sites as a “hero”.

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