“We thought the conditions were met”: the national demonstration scheduled for December 15 finally postponed to 16

The national demonstration in favor of purchasing power, initially scheduled for December 15 in Brussels, is finally postponed to December 16, the FGTB spokeswoman announced to Belga on Wednesday.

The date initially chosen was problematic due to a large number of events organized in the capital that day, including a European summit. Although the summit is spread over three days and also takes place on the 16th, this date is less problematic in terms of the police force that can be deployed on the ground, explains the FGTB.

“We thought that the conditions were met for a demonstration to take place on the 15th, but there are too many events. The police are therefore already in high demand”says the spokesperson for the union.

A meeting with the unions took place on Wednesday in the cabinet of the mayor of the City of Brussels, Philippe Close, in an attempt to find an adequate solution to this situation. The mayor’s office declined to comment.

The demonstration is organized as a common front by the FGTB, the CSC and the CGSLB and comes as wage negotiations between employers and unions are at an impasse.

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