Weather – This start to the week is freezing, but it will improve


After the rain and snow in recent days, the clouds have given way to partly clear skies over Switzerland. Corollary: it froze in many places below 700 meters early on Monday.

The flowers have frozen in places.

Madeleine Schoder

The Swiss woke up on Monday to freezing temperatures. Indeed, after the snowfall of the past few days, the sky has partly cleared and the mercury has fallen on the Plateau below 0 degrees overnight in many places.

It thus froze to the ground at altitudes below 700 meters, according to MeteoNews on Twitter on Monday. The thermometer, for example, fell to -12.1 degrees at Welschenrohr (679 meters), in the canton of Solothurn. In Courtelary, in the Bernese Jura (685 meters), it was also very cold with -9.1 degrees. And La Brévine (NE) has well deserved its nickname of Siberia of Switzerland, with -17.8 degrees measured, the lowest temperature recorded at this altitude. Also note that it was -13.3 degrees in Le Locle (NE) and that the town of Hallau (SH), where a -5.9 degrees was measured, fell to 1.1 degrees from a record for a long time.

It was also very cold in exposed regions such as Jura and Valais where MeteoNews issued a frost alert. The thermometer fell beyond -10 degrees, indicates a map of the meteorological organization. But Chablais was spared, with 3.2 degrees measured at Bouveret and 3 degrees at Aigle.

The next few days should however be milder, even if a “good refreeze” is expected in the Alps next night and the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, explains MeteoSwiss As of this evening, a not very active warm front will move towards our regions, and from Wednesday, a westerly current will lead a series of disturbances in a restless atmosphere. But next weekend promises to be rather beautiful and very mild.

Finally, for its part, SRF Meteo recalls that late snow is not unusual at the beginning of April. For example, it snowed in Lugano on April 14, 1962. In Geneva, snowflakes also fell on April 22, 1986, just like in Bern 3 years ago, on May 3, 2019.


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