Weekly Earthquake Information 2022.12.25 M4.1 seismic intensity 3 or more in the sea near Niijima and Kozushima for the first time in about 2 years – Weather News

2022/12/25 11:06 Weather News

The number of felt-earthquakes observed in Japan over the past week is slightly lower than the previous week.

There were few earthquakes on the Pacific Ocean side of Hokkaido from Tohoku, and most of them occurred from the southern part of Kanto to the Izu Islands. In western Japan, earthquakes are occurring mainly in Kyushu. There were two earthquakes with a seismic intensity of 3 or higher. (Tally from 10:00 on December 19th to 25th)

Japan: There are many earthquakes related to volcanoes in the sea near Niijima and Kozushima.


Earthquake near Niijima and Kozushima

Japan: Seismic intensity 4 earthquake in northeastern Chiba Prefecture


Earthquake in northeastern Chiba Prefecture

World: Damage caused by M6.4 strong tremors off the coast of Northern California, USA


Earthquakes of M4.5 or higher around the world (quoted from USGS website/processed by Weathernews)

Reference materials, etc.

*Information on earthquake sources and seismic intensity in Japan is from the Japan Meteorological Agency unless otherwise specified. Overseas epicenter information is from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) unless otherwise specified. There may be differences in hypocenter information depending on the publishing organization.

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