What does the event have and how to participate in its competitions

2023-10-05 19:52:22

eSports are on the rise in Córdoba, in the country and in the world. And this Saturday there is an appointment in Córdoba, within the framework of the eSports program developed by the Córdoba government.

What you need to know about the new gamer event at the Kempes

*Information shared by the Córdoba Deportes Agency.

Next Saturday a great gaming event will take place at the Kempes: the eSports Challenge. It will begin at 4 p.m., and is intended for the whole family, with free entry. There will be technological stands, gastronomic stands, FIFA, League of Legends, Valorant, Minecraft, Free Fire tournaments and the electronic soccer quadrangular.

More and more people are turning to the world of electronic sports, some as participants, others as spectators and the rest out of simple curiosity. This speaks of the strong growth that these disciplines are experiencing in society.

In this sense, a new gamer party arrives at the Mario Alberto Kempes and promises a Saturday with attractions everywhere. There will be just dance, cosplay, football tennis competitions, as well as motorsport and virtual reality simulators, retro arcades, live music and food trucks, along with other interactive, informative and gastronomic proposals.

The event will begin at 4 p.m. in the area next to the main field of the Kempes stadium. Children, young people, families and the entire gamer community will be able to enjoy the Córdoba eSports Challenge, which will include FIFA, League of Legends, Valorant, Minecraft, Free Fire tournaments and the electronic soccer quadrangular between Talleres, Belgrano, Instituto and Racing with the “ casters”, in charge of narrating the games.

Description of the tournaments

  • The tournament of FIFA It is intended for people over 12 years old, and will be carried out under the playoff and direct elimination format. Participants must have a PSN account. The format of the confrontations will be 1vs1.
  • On this occasion, in the tournaments of Valuing y League of Legends, the players who will be in competition will be over 16 years old. The games will be played in 1vs1 format.
  • Minors may participate in these tournaments, as long as they have authorization from their father, mother or legal guardian.
  • For his part, the Minecraft It calls for boys and girls between 9 and 12 years old, who, with prior authorization from their guardians, will compete in teams of 2 players whose objective will be to solve construction challenges.
  • Finally, in the tournament Free Fire, The competition will be open to players over 14 years of age who can play individually or in teams of up to 4 members.
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