What insurance families need 2024-04-13 14:45:02

Be careful, because a lot of wildlife accidents happen in spring! Health insurance is more important than car insurance.
Image: dpa

Insurance premiums rise with inflation. Which insurance policies do you absolutely need – and which ones can you do without? An overview shows that many families are paying for unnecessary policies while leaving dangerous gaps.

DThe Association of the Insurance Industry (GDV) has published alarming figures. Every two minutes, a car with comprehensive insurance collides with a wild animal such as a deer or wild boar. The risk is particularly high right now, i.e. in April and May. Burglars have also become more active again since people have dared to leave the house again with the end of the corona pandemic. The GDV counted 95,000 residential burglaries for 2023, and the average damage rose to 3,500 euros. This is a negative record.

Figures like these show that dangers to life, limb and property lurk everywhere. Because most families’ budgets are limited, it would be far too expensive to protect themselves against all conceivable risks. Therefore, insured people have to set priorities. But which?

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