What is Free Currency, cryptocurrency for “more inclusive consumption”?

Since the end of the Covid crisis, many Caledonians have changed their consumption habits. A collective of members of the Free Currency, a cryptocurrency, wants to create a more united exchange system locally. NC the 1st explains the concept to you.

It is a cryptocurrency straight from metropolitan France: free currency. It counts approximately 7000 members scattered in several countries and territories: Spain, United States, Canada, Chile, Martinique, Reunion,… et even New Caledonia. Some Caillou members are trying to convert other Caledonians to this digital currency.

The Free Currency was created in 2017 by the mathematician Stéphane Laborde. Unlike Bitcoin, no investment is needed to get 1 junethe unit currency of this system. Just register on a website to open an account. DUpon joining, each user receives the same universal income on a daily basis. “It’s gratifying. Everyone generates their own money only thanks to two criteria: human being and adherent. This makes it possible to create its currency outside the banks, and therefore capitalization. which decreases inequalities.explains Alexandre Martinez, member of the Free Currency.

Users can spend their Junes to buy goods or services, on a classified ad type site. Everything is exchanged between members, this is how sellers earn more Junes. “It is an act of militant for more solidarity. It’s kind of a gift, but sold in Free Currency. Everyone sets their own price, there is no inflation”explains Philippe Boudes, member of the Free Currency.

Still embryonic on the Caillou, very few services are offered on this online market. But in mainland France impressive products are sold: a car, smartphones, computer equipment… And also food. “In Toulouse, I bought dozens of nems in Junes to a Vietnamese restaurateur. With this currency, he had fun buying a bike, an external hard drive. All in Junesrecalls Philippe Boudes.

According to its members, the Free Currency makes it possible to gain purchasing power. “In France, members spress on the june to make ends meet. A supplement to their income in euros”, assures Philippe Boudes. These Caledonian librist currencies, named following the users of the famous currency, have already set up services, like René Lou, life coach. “I was paid in june for counseling. And with it, I was able to buy homemade bread by Alexandre Martinez”, smiled the Nouméan.

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Will Caledonians be interested in it? For the President of theUFC-Que CTo choose, Gilles Vernier, we must give time to this digital currency to convince. “The initiative is good and virtuous. But I don’t think the New Caledonian public is ready to welcome this type of system. But I just want to see.”

THE cryptocurrencies remain legal today. Even if they have existed for several years, few legal reflections have been presented to the National Assembly on the subject. “Under French law, cryptocurrencies do not have a clear legal status and are not recognized as financial instruments. As a result, cryptocurrencies are currently unregulated,” attests the French government on its website. . If the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) alerts users to the potential dangers of investing in cryptoassets, the Free Currency does not require any payment.

For their part, the few members of the Free Currency hope to expand on the Caillou. In order, according to them, to create “a more united community in the country”.

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