“What kind of joke did you invade without permission?” Jiro Shinbo indignantly expresses Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “the worst crisis since World War II” – Nippon Broadcasting NEWS ONLINE

Caster Jiro Shinbo appeared on Nippon Broadcasting System “Jiro Shinbo Zoom So far!” Regarding the fact that the Chief of the General Staff, who is in charge of the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine, told a Russian newspaper that the invasion of Ukraine was “the worst crisis since World War II,” he said, I am,” he said indignantly.

President Putin (left) and Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov at a meeting of the Russian Ministry of Defense in December 2022, Moscow (Tas).

The Chief of the General Staff, who is in charge of the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine, said in an interview published by a leading Russian newspaper on the 24th that the scale and intensity of the invasion operation had never been experienced by modern Russia. He acknowledged that he was facing difficulties. At the same time, he emphasized the continuation of the invasion operation, which has been 11 months since the invasion of Ukraine on January 24.

Shinbo) You’re joking. In an interview, Russia’s Chief of General Staff described it as “the worst crisis since World War II.” He is the news that “What are you saying by invading other countries without permission?”

This is an advertisement for Russia. There may be more than a few Russians who feel that this is the worst crisis since World War II. Russia has been invaded by other countries in the past and had a difficult time.

Russia was invaded by French Napoleon about 200 years ago. However, winter in Russia is much colder than in France. Thanks to this “General Winter” and the struggle of the people, Russia repels Napoleon’s army. More than 100 years later, during the Second World War, Nazi Germany invaded. However, even at this time, as a result, there was also a cold, and it succeeded in repelling Nazi Germany.

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The statement by the Chief of the General Staff seems to be an attempt to spread awareness within Russia that this is a crisis that will follow Napoleon and Nazi Germany. The invasion of Ukraine is a selfish act of aggression by Russia, but it is probably a propaganda carried out to form a public opinion within Russia that “Let’s win again this time.” But objectively, it’s like, “What are you talking about?”

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