WhatsApp announces new protection of conversations by password or biometrics

2023-05-15 14:30:00

This Monday (15), Mark Zuckerberg announced a new feature for WhatsApp, with immediate availability. The messenger will allow users to protect their most intimate conversations through an extra layer of security. The feature has been in testing since last year.

In practice, “Conversation Protection” works by removing the chat from the default inbox. It will be forwarded to its own folder and can only be accessed by typing your device’s password or through the biometrics registered on your cell phone – such as the fingerprint.

The feature even allows the content of the conversation and the name of the sender to be automatically hidden in notifications. Thus, even if other people have access to your smartphone, the privacy of the owner of the device will be maintained.

The intention of the feature is that you can share your phones every now and then with a family member, or for those times when someone else is holding your device and some special message arrives.

To protect a conversation, just tap on a person or group name and select the lock option. To reveal chats, slowly drag down your inbox and enter your password or biometrics.

According to the official statement, WhatsApp will receive more options for “Chat Protection” in the coming months. New features are expected such as the protection of additional devices and the creation of a personalized password for your conversations – in order to have a unique code for them, and not the same for your cell phone.

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